Ergonomic Evaluations in Bloomington, Edina, Eden Prairie, Minneapolis MN

Ergonomics is the study of how people function in their working environment. Basically there is no safe work environment; for example using a pen writing 8 hours a day can give you carpal tunnel. It takes into account an employee’s capabilities and limitations in seeking to ensure that tasks, equipment, and the workplace environment suit each employee’s physical dimensions and capabilities. In other words, you have to adapt the workplace to the employee as much as possible and train the employee to protect himself as much as possible while doing the job efficiently. Most machines were developed with a function and process in mind; how to create a “widget”. They don’t necessarily take into account how the person has to work on that piece of equipment in order to complete that process. This evaluation is essential in preventing repetitive strain injuries, which can develop over time and can lead to long-term disability.

AdvaCare Clinics offer Ergonomic Evaluations to help companies of all sizes implement important improvements in ergonomics to promote better employee health and reduce the risk of work-related injuries, including repetitive stress injuries and overuse injuries.

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