Onsite Care in Bloomington, Edina, Eden Prairie, Minneapolis MN

The following are low-cost, easy-to-do screenings, demonstrations and health-fair tools that we offer to companies to help educate their employees and management on what can be done to lower work comp rates, injuries and healthcare costs.

The company as well as the employees have to adopt a change in perspective from waiting till things happen to preventing things from happening. Proactive vs reactive. These tests help that sift to start and are a part of a process. Call Advacare if you have questions and want help with this.

  • Blood Pressure Screenings
  • Arthritis Screenings (All Joints)
  • Carpal Tunnel Screenings
  • Glucose Screenings
  • Lipid / Cholesterol Screenings
  • Posture & Scoliosis Screenings
  • PH Alkaline Tests
  • Oxidative Stress Test
  • Whiplash Screenings
  • Neuropathy Screenings
  • TMJ & Headache Screenings
  • Vitamin C Deficiency Test
  • Vitamin D Deficiency Test
  • Chronic Pain Screenings
  • Zyto Screenings (Nutrition)
  • Discussions on Treatment Options instead of Knee Replacement (Joint Injections or Bionicare Therapy)

We know employers and employees are extremely busy, which is why AdvaCare Clinics also offers onsite preventive healthcare. Our focus is to provide prevention as well as treatment. We become a seamless part within your company as we implement preventive care with the health goals of increasing productivity and decreasing injuries and absenteeism.

A study by the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP) indicated that chiropractic onsite services alone lowers healthcare utilization and costs compared to offering off-site services. On-site chiropractic services are associated with lower utilization of radiology services and physical therapy, as well as fewer visits to outpatient and emergency settings. A return on investment can run $3-$8 to $1spent with these programs.

Employers, TPA's, HR Directors, looking for industrial health solutions for your company(s)? Please contact us at: scheduling@advacaremn.com to schedule a free 15-minute phone consult to see how we can help you. Our usual consulting rates are $200.00 per hour. We will also bid projects.

Call AdvaCare Clinics today to see up a consultation to access a company’s current wellness status and identify risks and health goals at 952-835-6653, or fill out our online form.