Pre-Employment Physicals in Bloomington, Edina, Eden Prairie, Minneapolis MN

It has become quite common for employers to require prospective employees to complete a pre-employment physical or screening of some sort. Usually it will consist of at least a drug test. We see many large companies require any contractors doing work in their facilities to also be screened. I t boils down to a safety and insurance coverage issue.

A pre-employment physical can ensure employees can perform essential job functions as well as identify medical conditions that may result in limiting abilities or even accidents on the job.

AdvaCare Clinics offers pre-employment physicals customized to the employer’s needs. Most companies have a job description that includes the physical requirements of the job and we use this to design the examination and testing for the pre-employment physical. For example, construction workers (framers) must be able to lift, bend, climb and carry a certain amount of weight to perform many of their job functions.

Each pre-employment physical is targeted to the needs of the job. A physical examination is the norm as well as basic vision and hearing testing. Some jobs that require close up work and assembly with have more specialized eye exams such as: Jaeger or Ishihara eye exams for close up work and color blindness.

Per employment exams are basically a screening to rule in or out if the potential employee has any significant issues that could compromise their safety and ability to perform a job function safely and accurately. No exam will prevent a work injury or a human error, “Stuff happens”.

If an employee has been involved in an accident many companies then will send the person out for a post accident drug test and breathe alcohol. Again help determine liability!(Long gone are the days of the “beer run lunch” to see how many beers could be pounded down and get back to work to handle the end of week clean up, “a dirty job”. ) A summer job eye opener at a major window manufacturer back in my college days! Even the supervisor was pouring.

So, a physical health assessment may or may not include drug testing. Physical ability tests might include assessments of muscle strength, flexibility, stamina, and balance. A DOT or Non-DOT (also called a DOT look-alike exam), may be used to properly evaluate the potential employee. Whatever the job we can help screen your candidates for a healthier employee and bottom line!

Whether you are an employer or an employee looking for pre-employment physicals AdvaCare Clinics can help you. Call today, 952-835-6653 for a consultation or fill in our online form.